guests throw confetti at Ramsbottom Civic Hall

Wildflower Ramsbottom Civic Hall Wedding

bride and groom outside their Rustic Wildflower Ramsbottom Civic Hall Wedding

On the morning of the wedding, I met Amy where she was getting ready at home. After her grand entrance in her dress, I headed to the venue to meet groom Matt & to get some wedding venue detail photos of the hall.

bride makes her entrance in dress and dad and bridesmaids look on

Ramsbottom Civic Hall

Nestled deep within the Metropolitan Borough of Bury is the picturesque town called Ramsbottom. The area features a wondrous assortment of natural landscapes and architecture. If you’re looking for a blank canvas to personalise with the style of your wedding, Ramsbottom Civic Hall would be a great choice. Ramsbottom Civic Hall has hosted weddings for many couples over the years. The building located just steps away from the local historic district—an area still lively with a local farmers market.

couple wedding event posters at Amy & Matt's Rustic Wildflower Ramsbottom Civic Hall Wedding

Ceremonial Halls

Couples in search of the perfect ceremonial hall needn’t look any further. The Ramsbottom Civic Hall offers two large rooms to suit the individual needs of your wedding. Natural light floods every room. The tall windows, visible from outside, add an incredible ambience and glow to the interior. The venue refers to the largest room as the Main Hall. It’s a gorgeous room that can comfortably host up to 150 guests.

bride and her dad walk down the aisle towards groom

bride and groom during their Rustic Wildflower Ramsbottom Civic Hall Wedding

bride and groom during wedding ceremony at Ramsbottom Civic Hall

Garden Area

Ramsbottom Civic Hall has an outdoor garden, which is perfect for photo shoots, breaks, and even more reception activities.

The team offers a variety of affordable packages. It’s definitely possible to have the wedding of your dreams within a budget. If you’re looking for a quaint wedding in the beautiful streets of Ramsbottom, Ramsbottom Civic Hall is worth a look.

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guests throw confetti at Ramsbottom Civic Hall

documentary style wedding photography at Ramsbottom Civic Hall

group photo of everyone at Ramsbottom Civic Hall wedding

bridesmaids wearing teal coloured dresses

bride and groom portrait in the gardens at Ramsbottom Civic Hall

Reception Areas

Finding the right reception area is often crucial for modern weddings. Guests need to feel welcome, comfortable and invited to partake in any of the planned festivities. Versatility is another factor, with the weather causing unexpected changes for outdoor events.

The Ramsbottom Civic Hall is ready for any occasion with several areas available for reception activities. Inside the building is a smaller, secondary hall suitable for small weddings or as an on-location reception hall.

Holcombe room is the secondary hall, This room provides a lavish experience and incredibly warm atmosphere. This hall can comfortably house up to 60 guests.

interior of main hall at Ramsbottom Civic Hall with rustic styling

detail photo of rustic table styling

How cute are these Lego figures on this wedding cake?? <3

wedding cake featuring Lego bride and groom

The bride and groom choose to have afternoon tea as their wedding breakfast.

bride and groom enter wedding breakfast room

groom makes his speech after the wedding breakfast

bride hugs groom after his speech

bride and groom portrait with cherry blossom backdrop

We nipped outside after the meal to get some bride and groom portraits outside Ramsbottom Civic Hall, featuring cherry blossom and event style posters of the wedding.

bride and groom portrait featuring event style poster at their wildflower Ramsbottom Civic Hall Wedding