23 Montrose Street Wedding Photography

Located to the east of the City Chambers complex, 23 Montrose Street is the perfect wedding venue for intimate micro weddings, with two rooms to choose from to exchange your vows. I've photographed a number of weddings in both, and they are both beautiful. The Kelvin room can hold up to 30 guests and is light and bright, with space at the back of the room next to a victorian fireplace for a few group photos. The Clyde room can hold up to 15 guests, and is also a really bright south facing room with dark wood panelling. It feels really timeless and classic, and both are stunning spaces.

bride and groom portrait outside 23 Montrose Street on their wedding day

Hey! I'm Karen! I'm a wedding photographer based in Glasgow and I specialise in natural, unobtrusive coverage of relaxed and informal weddings. I team this documentary coverage with as many group photos as you'd like with your friends and family, and a few creative portraits that will make the most of the light and the details of your chosen wedding venue. Every package includes a planning meeting so that I can personalise your coverage to be the best fit for you and your unique wedding day.

bride and groom with their guests during their wedding ceremony
bride and groom during their wedding ceremony in the Kelvin Room

Couple Portrait Locations

There are so many gorgeous sports for wedding day couple portrait photos, so I like to chat through options with every couple who books me so that we can adapt the coverage to your preferences. No area is guaranteed, especially if you're getting married on a Saturday as these spots are quite popular, but in the past I've adapted to this by taking a scenic detour and returning to the chosen spot once it's available. Here are 5 of my favourite couple portrait spots:

Portrait Location 1

This stunning location is just a 2 minute walk from 23 Montrose street and features huge archways and stunning Victorian architecture.

bride and groom portrait in John Street in the city chambers

Portrait Location 2

This cute portrait location with an ornate wrought iron gate is tucked away in an alley on Cochrane street. It works really well on a bright sunny day. The gate is not always open, but when it is, it's a lovely spot to make use of.

bride and groom pose for a portrait at Glasgow City Chambers

Portrait Location 3

The front of Glasgow city Chambers is great to use as a backdrop for couple photos, but rather than be up close to this stunning building, I like to use the space in George Square so that more of the building is visible. Whilst there's often events taking place, the flowerbeds are typically well maintained and at the right time of year, this can provide a vibrant pop of colour next to the blonde sandstone.

bride and groom portrait in George Square with vibrant colourful flowers

Portrait Location 4

Location 4 is, in my opinion, the best spot for a couple portrait in the evening. I love capturing creative couple portraits at night, and my couples really love having a portrait that is a little different and shows the venue in a different way, so if you're having your evening reception near this location, you may want to choose this spot on the Cochrane Street corner of George Square. In the photo below, the couple were celebrating their wedding day at the Piper Whisky bar, so if you wanted the City Chambers in the background, we could create this same look in the opposite direction.

bride and groom night portrait with moving traffic outside Glasgow City Chambers

Portrait Location 5

For an evening portrait, the front of the City Chambers is gorgeous at night! Whether you're planning on having a couple portrait at dusk, or after the sun has set, this is a really pretty spot that's lit up with soft glowing lamps at night. I think it has a lovely romantic feel, what do you think? The good news is with the equipment I bring on a wedding day, I can photograph some gorgeous portraits of you both in any lighting conditions, whether that's glorious sunshine or long after the sun has set. If it's raining, I can make that look cool too.

bride and groom wedding day portrait outside Glasgow City Chambers at night

Weddings in the Clyde Room

Below are links to real weddings I've photographed in the Clyde Room at 23 Montrose street.

Weddings in the Kelvin Room

Below are links to real weddings I've photographed in the Kelvin Room at 23 Montrose street.

bride and groom wedding day portrait outside Glasgow City Chambers

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