bride walks down aisle to meet groom at their Rustic Shireburn Arms Wedding

Rustic Shireburn Arms Wedding

I had the opportunity to shoot Abbey & Adam’s Rustic Shireburn Arms Wedding on Friday. Here are a few sneak preview photos from the day.

I love this moment where Abbey is walking down the aisle with her dad, and her eyes meet Adam’s. I’m always looking for moments like this when shooting. Wedding photography for me is about capturing the connections and emotion between people, as unobtrusively as possible. Don’t get me wrong, I love detail shots and creative portraits. But, these moments of raw emotion, this is what it’s all about.

Rustic Shireburn Arms Wedding – What if it Rains?

It was raining in this portrait of bride and groom Abbey & Adam, but they weren’t going to let some drizzle spoil their day! One of the handy things about this wedding venue? The conservatory door opens out onto the garden onto a raised area. This meant we were able to nip out for a few brief moments, shoot this portrait, then head back inside before everyone got too wet.

bride and groom portrait in the rain at their Rustic Shireburn Arms Wedding

I love this view!!

bride and groom portrait showing scenic views of the valley and hills at their Rustic Shireburn Arms Wedding

It had been raining heavily for most of the day. When the rain stopped, it was still a little cloudy, but the light was great, so I took the opportunity to shoot this portrait of Abbey & Adam. The great thing about the Shireburn Arms is – it’s at the top of a hill, so when it rains, the ground drains and dries pretty quickly. This makes it easier to shoot group and couple photos later in the day.

bride and groom portrait in the gardens after the rain at Shireburn Arms

Shireburn Arms Wedding Reception

Evening entertainment was provided by the awesome DFC. The couple had opted for the host option. This meant the entertainment started during the meal. In addition to background music, there were games to entertain guests. This always makes for some great photo opportunities!

The photo below of the bride and groom was taken late in the evening, just before I left. After shooting the cake cutting and first dance, I like to stay later and get some photos of the guests on the dancefloor.

bride and groom embrace on dance floor at their Rustic Shireburn Arms Wedding