Wobbly Hot Shoe Repair showing photo of Canon 5D Mk2

Wobbly Hot Shoe Repair Canon 5D Mk2

Flash not firing?

Do your own wobbly hot shoe repair Canon 5D Mk2.

If you’re a professional photographer who regularly shoots with flash & you own a Canon 5D Mk2, chances are you have experienced the cost of a wobbly hot shoe repair. The cost of camera servicing & repair is often underestimated by those new to the industry, but if you’ve been a pro for a few years, you’ll know only too well the dent this can make in your profit margin.

The Camera Industry

I mentioned this repair technique to an industry colleague in a Facebook group recently who had a loose hot shoe on his Canon 5D Mk2 and he said ‘I don’t want to break it’. Camera manufacturers have put the fear into us that we should not touch anything ourselves, and in some cases, it’s just rubbish (in my opinion). I am more than happy to invest in repairs where specialist skills or equipment are involved… but I don’t believe this falls within those categories.


So, whilst this is ridiculously easy to do, please take care not to bend anything metal. Be VERY gentle with everything otherwise your flash won’t work afterwards, and it will just end up being more expensive because quite frankly if there’s any excuse, you just know they will add ££ to the bill if they can.

Take care not to over tighten the screws as if you break that part, it will cost you.

If you have the finesse of a baby elephant, maybe this isn’t for you.

What You Need

A pair of small tweezers.
A Philips PH000 Screwdriver

Wobbly Hot Shoe Repair Canon 5D Mk2

In the video below, I talk you through how to do this. I have somehow managed to talk about this for more than a minute, but I’ve summarised the steps below.

5 Easy Steps

  1. Carefully remove the metal top plate bit with the small tweezers
  2. Pick up your screwdriver
  3. Tighten the screws
  4. Gently replace the metal top plate bit with some gentle wiggling action
  5. Reward yourself with an alcoholic beverage of choice

Step 5 is important.

If you are teetotal like me, then replace alcohol with chocolate. You deserve it! You’ve just saved yourself time, inconvenience, and around £60+VAT for a repair. Not to mention body hire charges AND the sheer embarrassment of being robbed.

Anyway, moving on…

Will This Invalidate The Warranty?


Only in the sense that ANYTHING you do to your camera is an excuse to have a warranty cancelled.

Truth is, at the time of writing I don’t know whether doing your own hot shoe repair will really be an issue. Feel free to let me know in the comments below! In the video you can see my camera is worn down to the metal, so the warranty on this particular camera is but a distant dream.


If you’re genuinely too terrified to do this yourself, give Canon UK a call. Then sign up for their CPS (Canon Professional Service) This is free & gives you both a discount on repairs & preferential treatment in the form of a faster service, so at least you won’t wait weeks to get your camera back. You also get a cute kit of freebies! This includes your membership card, a lens cloth with ‘Canon’ written on it (ooh!), and fluorescent green stickers. This means your kit will stand out amongst weekend warrior repairs. 😉

Join up to this free Canon service here: http://cpn.canon- europe.com/content/services.do

The Philips PH000 can be purchased either on its own or with a set, I got a set as I keep mine in the car & the small tweezers fit in there too, so it was a bit neater than a screwdriver on its own, and quite frankly, a girl can’t own too many screwdrivers.

I originally wrote this article in September 2015. It was updated it in 2018 with a new screwdriver (affiliate link) as the kit I bought is no longer available. This would do the job: