bride and groom walk through church gardens with Liver building in background

Titanic Hotel & Hard Day’s Night Wedding

Titanic Hotel & Hard Day’s Night Wedding

brides dress hung up in reception at the Titanic Hotel & Hard Day's Night Wedding

Corita was getting ready at the Titanic Hotel with her bridesmaids. I hadn’t shot here before but had been in for coffee. I LOVE the interior! There’s a real industrial feel, the styling is superb. Corita and Chris loved it too, so I wanted to include some of the features in the preparation photos.

brides dress hung up over gate in the reception of the Titanic hotel

bridesmaids ties ribbon in brides dress at the titanic hotel in Liverpool

bride poses for a portrait at the titanic hotel in Liverpool

Corita has a quick portrait at the Titanic Hotel before I head over to the Hard Day’s Night hotel to meet the groom.

The Wedding Ceremony | Hard Day’s Night Hotel

I arrive at the Hard Day’s Night, but Corita’s not far behind! We whisk the groom off to the ‘Two Of Us’ suite just in time!

bride arrives at the Hard Day's Night hotel by taxi with her Dad

Corita arrives at the hotel with her Dad. She’s early, so we have plenty of time for a quick group photo outside the front of the hotel.

a wedding group photo outside the entrance of the Hard Days Night hotel

bride and groom exchange vows during their wedding ceremony

bride and groom kiss during wedding ceremony in the Two Of Us suite

bride and groom embrace during wedding ceremony at the hard days night hotel

groom takes ring from ring cushion during wedding ceremony

bride puts ring on grooms finger during wedding ceremony

The happy couple greets their guests in reception. We’d usually head straight to Harri’s bar for the drinks reception, but with it being a later (4:30 pm) ceremony, Chris & Corita want to nip over to St Nicks church gardens before the wedding breakfast.

Couple Portraits | St Nicks Church Gardens

The weather was perfect for portraits in the gardens with the Royal Liver Building in the background.

a full wedding group photo of everyone outside the hard days night hotel

A group photo of everyone outside the hotel. Thankfully the traffic was not too busy! It’s a bit more of a challenge to do a full group photo shot like this on a Saturday.

A quick group shot selfie!

I love this spiral staircase! It leads down to the ‘Two Of Us’ suite, where the wedding ceremony took place.

The John Lennon Suite

Chris & Corita had booked the John Lennon suite for the wedding night, so after the meal, we headed up to the suite for a few group photos.

Evening Reception | Hard Day’s Night Hotel

The evening reception starts with a father and daughter dance.