bride and groom on spiral stairs during their Manchester Town Hall Winter Wedding Photography

Manchester Town Hall Winter Wedding Photography

Manchester Town Hall & Stock Restaurant Wedding Photography – Nina+Mike’s city centre wedding

The Wedding Day:

I’d last enjoyed some Stock Restaurant wedding photography in the summer last year, so was excited at the prospect of a winter wedding at this stunning venue. The weather in the week leading up to the big day was rain, storms, and hints of snow so it was anyone’s guess what the conditions would be on the day. I’d met Nina & Mike a few times in the lead up to their Manchester Town Hall and Stock Restaurant Wedding Photography, so I knew they were up for making the best of whatever the weather gave us and having fun with it, so I just knew their day was going to be awesome. We managed to squeeze in a quick flying visit to Manchester City Etihad stadium as well, check out the portrait below!

Videographer – love gets sweeter
Make-up – Suzanne Showman
Hair – Nikki and Danielle from Red Angel
Wedding cake – Francesca Mobley, The Cheshire Cat Cake Company
Flowers – Siobhan Harkin at Hummingbird Flowers, Traders Outlet, Altrincham
Dress – The Bridal Path, Altrincham
DJ & Lighting – Floorfillas
2nd wedding photographer – Martin Hambelton 

Nina+Mike’s story:

How we met: ‘We met at university – we lived in the same halls in first year but didn’t get together until our final year.’
The proposal: ‘Mike proposed on the 14th March 2012 by the lake in Retiro Park in Madrid. It was a complete surprise, I didn’t expect it at all and I was completely speechless for about half an hour afterwards. A big gin and tonic sorted that out though! Then we went and celebrated with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.’
Advice for other couples planning their wedding: ‘We didn’t know when or where we wanted to get married so our approach was to decide on the honeymoon first! The best time to go to South America is Feb/March so a city winter wedding for us it is! We’ve been quite relaxed about planning the whole wedding considering we only booked it 9 months ago. I’d say, book as many of the big things upfront (cars, band, DJ, photographer, videographer) so that you can get who you want on the day. Ultimately do what you want to do- there’ll be a lot of advice from others but just remember that it’s your day!’

Manchester Town Hall Winter Wedding Photography Gallery:

Stock-Restaurant-Wedding-Photography-Nina-Mike-01Stock-Restaurant-Wedding-Photography-Nina-Mike-02Stock-Restaurant-Wedding-Photography-Nina-Mike-03Stock-Restaurant-Wedding-Photography-Nina-Mike-04Stock-Restaurant-Wedding-Photography-Nina-Mike-05Stock-Restaurant-Wedding-Photography-Nina-Mike-06Stock-Restaurant-Wedding-Photography-Nina-Mike-07Stock-Restaurant-Wedding-Photography-Nina-Mike-08Stock-Restaurant-Wedding-Photography-Nina-Mike-09Stock-Restaurant-Wedding-Photography-Nina-Mike-10Stock-Restaurant-Wedding-Photography-Nina-Mike-11Stock-Restaurant-Wedding-Photography-Nina-Mike-12Stock-Restaurant-Wedding-Photography-Nina-Mike-13Stock-Restaurant-Wedding-Photography-Nina-Mike-14Stock-Restaurant-Wedding-Photography-Nina-Mike-15Stock-Restaurant-Wedding-Photography-Nina-Mike-16Stock Restaurant Wedding PhotographyStock-Restaurant-Wedding-Photography-Nina-Mike-18Stock Restaurant Wedding PhotographyStock-Restaurant-Wedding-Photography-Nina-Mike-20Stock-Restaurant-Wedding-Photography-Nina-Mike-21Stock-Restaurant-Wedding-Photography-Nina-Mike-22Stock-Restaurant-Wedding-Photography-Nina-Mike-23Stock-Restaurant-Wedding-Photography-Nina-Mike-24Stock Restaurant Wedding PhotographyStock-Restaurant-Wedding-Photography-Nina-Mike-26Stock Restaurant Wedding PhotographyStock-Restaurant-Wedding-Photography-Nina-Mike-28Stock-Restaurant-Wedding-Photography-Nina-Mike-29Stock-Restaurant-Wedding-Photography-Nina-Mike-30Stock-Restaurant-Wedding-Photography-Nina-Mike-31Stock Restaurant Wedding PhotographyStock-Restaurant-Wedding-Photography-Nina-Mike-33