Manchester Town Hall Chinese Wedding Photographs

Vivien+Robert’s Manchester Town Hall Chinese Wedding Photographs

Vivien+Robert’s Manchester Town Hall Chinese Wedding Photographs from their August wedding.

I initially met Robert at David and Diana’s wedding last year. Robert is Diana’s brother, and when Robert and Vivien seen the photographs from his sisters wedding, they loved them, and got in touch to book me to cover their big day.

Group shots are my speciality, and I knew the couple and their family would want loads of group photos throughout the day, so we done bridal party group photos at the couples parents home, then at Manchester Town Hall, then again at Glamorous restaurant. Vivien was in a different dress for each of those sets of photos, so the couple have a huge choice when choosing album photos. I supplied them with 1,400 photos on USB!

On the day of the wedding, I met Vivien at 8am at her parents house… Vivien had been up at 5am so had already had her hair and make-up done by 8am, so I got some documentary coverage of Vivien and bridesmaids preparing for the first tea ceremony. The games were to take place before the ceremony, and the guys had various tasks to do, including a gangnam style dance! I thought Robert got off lightly, as the previous year, Diana’s groom-to-be David had to eat cherries and cream off of plates on the ground, and dress up in fancy dress and do a dance before they’d let him see his bride!

After the games, I shot the first tea ceremony, then it was on to Roberts parents house for the second tea ceremony. I use two cameras for shooting these. One has a wide angle lens, and the other is a standard lens which gets me my detail shots.

For the majority of my weddings, I predominantly shoot documentary coverage and don’t organise people, except for group photos, but as the couple and their families wanted more group shots, there was a lot more organising to do, so it was a very fast paced day!

The ceremony at Manchester Town Hall was gorgeous, and I had booked ace wedding photographer Evie Wroe from Chapter Photography to second shoot for me. Whenever I hire a second photographer, I always still to full time self employed wedding photographers whos work I love, so I never hire students or anyone who’s still learning. Evia got some stunning shots of the ceremony from the back of the hall.

After the ceremony, we all headed to Glamorous restaurant in the Northern Quarter, and whilst I started backing up the photos taken so far, and took 5 min to have a coffee, Evie got some documentary coverage of the couple and their families greeting guests.

Before I knew it, it was 3pm and time for fire crackers! These are always so much louder than I remember and between the spark, the smoke, and the expressions on everyones faces, this provided a great photo opportunity.

It was such an amazing whirlwind day, and I really can’t wait until my next Chinese wedding! Thanks for booking me guys! 🙂

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03-Glamorous-Restaurant-01 03-Glamorous-Restaurant-02 03-Glamorous-Restaurant-03

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